Delmarva Native Plants was founded based on a desire to create change in the environmental horticulture industry.  Our use of exclusively local provenance genotypes is unique among regional suppliers.  All of our upland and wetland plants are grown directly from seed, ensuring natural genetic diversity.  No cuttings, no clones.  Our plants will form the foundation of a viable population wherever they are established, whether it be a living shoreline or rain garden.  We have a diverse array of plant species available, covering a broad range of habitat types.  Everything from salt water wetland plants to dry upland meadow. We specialize in growing wetland plants: Spartina alterniflora (smooth cordgrass) and Spartina patens (salt meadow hay).

(Spartina alterniflora , smooth cordgrass pictured)



Clark has dedicated his career to the conservation of our native flora. He earned a BS and MS in plant science from University of Maryland College Park and has spent 10 years working in the horticulture industry. He has specialized in the cultivation of native plant species with particular emphasis on Spartina alterniflora (smooth cordgrass) and Spartina patens (salt meadow hay). Clark firmly believes that the horticulture industry should be a force aimed at preserving our natural environment as it continues to face ever increasing degradation.


Jill has always had a passion for environmental preservation. She grew up watching her home town in Long Island develop, which motivated her career path. After receiving her BS from Salisbury University, she began her experience restoring components of the Chesapeake Bay. Jill has a combined five years of experience restoring Harris Creeks oyster population and then growing native plant materials for living shoreline restoration and ecological landscapes. Jill hopes her work will allow others to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay and all the activities it provides.


Delmarva Native Plants primarily grows Spartina alterniflora (smooth cordgrass), Spartina patens (salt meadow hay), and Distichlis spicata (spike grass) in 2″ plugs. Our native plant nursery also has many other species available throughout the year. For an availability please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Custom grow orders are welcomed and discounts are available for large orders.  

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(Spartina patens, salt meadow hay pictured)

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